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Benji Higgins

Simple projects website

I used to use the username ‘benji7425’, but have since dropped that username for my programming activity.

Discord bots

I have created a few bots for Discord which provide some extra functionality for servers. Please click on the links below to learn more about each.

Please note that these are no longer actively maintained. The most recent recent actively maintained forks I know of are by oliver4888, and can be found here: Bear in mind that I can’t provide any guarantees regarding the effectiveness or safety of third-party forks.

Activity Monitor

A Discord bot to assign/remove a role from users in your guild based on whether or not they have been active lately.

Role Assigner

A simple Discord bot to allow users to join and leave configured roles.

RSS Fetcher

A Discord bot to post the latest articles from an RSS feed into a channel, optionally mentioning a role when posting.