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Discord bot to allow users to join and leave configured roles using commands

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Discord Role Assigner

A simple Discord bot to allow users to join and leave configured roles


Use cases

Getting started



Use @RSS Poster help to view available commands

Admin only
These command requires administrator permission in the Discord server


These commands can be run by any user in the Discord server


The bot requires certain permissions, which you are prompted for on the invite screen. Each permission has a reason for being required, explained below.

Permission Reason
Read messsages Detect when a command is used
Send messages Confirmation that the command was successful
Manage roles Assign and remove roles to/from a user when they use the commands
Embed links Responses to ‘help’ requests use message embeds for nice formatting
Manage server Read server invites for role assigning when user joins with invite

Self hosting


  1. Install Node.js v10
  2. Clone the repository, or download and extract the zip file (preferrably from the release page)
  3. Create a new file config.json from a copy of config.sample.json; paste your bot token in the token field (between the quotes)
  4. Run npm run full-start to compile and run the bot
    • If you see yellow ‘WARN’ messages about peer dependencies, you can safely ignore these

Git users

If you cloned the repository with git, make sure you git reset --hard vX.Y to a specific version, as latest master isn’t always production ready!


docker run [OPTIONS] benji7425/discord-role-assigner




Need help?

I am available for contact via my support Discord server. I will always do my best to respond, however I am often busy so can’t always be available right away, and as this is a free service I may not always be able to resolve your query.

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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details