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Discord bot to post links from an RSS feed into a channel

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Discord RSS fetcher

A Discord bot to post the latest articles from an RSS feed into a channel, optionally mentioning a role when posting.


Use cases

Community instance

A community member, Oliver4888, is kindly offering public hosts of my Discord bots for other community members. If you are interested in using this community-provided instance, you can find more at
Please note that I cannot personally verify or take responsibility for the integrity of a community-provided bot instance.

Getting started

RSS Fetcher needs to be deployed before you can invite it to your Discord server. Please see my written deployment guide or video tutorial which can guide you through deployment even if you are a beginner.
Once you have deployed RSS Fetcher then return here to follow the Discord setup instructions below.

This button can be used for following the Heroku deployment steps.

Deploy to Heroku

Discord Setup

Follow these instructions once you have deployed the RSS Fetcher and added it to your Discord server. Use @RSS Fetcher help to view available commands.

Admin only These commands require administrator permission in the Discord server.

Example: @RSS Fetcher add-feed #rss-posts @subscribers


The bot requires certain permissions, which you are prompted for on the invite screen. Each permission has a reason for being required, explained below.

Permission Reason
Read messages Detect when you use commands
Send messages Respond when you use commands; post new RSS links
Read message history Check if any new RSS links have been posted during downtime
Embed links Responses to ‘help’ requests use message embeds for nice formatting


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SemVer is used for versioning; view available versions on the tags page


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details